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For more information about my first poetry book:
Refuge In The Storms Of Life

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Refuge In The Storms Of Life

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Refuge In The Storms Of Life – by Jerry Bouey

My second poetry book:
The Seasons Of Your Pilgrimage

Lord willing, I will be putting together a third poetry book (please pray for this project):
So Amazed By Grace

I am posting some newer poems here that I have just written, and some really old ones that I have never posted online before. Both will have NEW next them so you can find them quickly. This will also include a few that I am bringing over from my main poetry blog, Songs In The Night. Ones I am bringing over from this blog will have an * beside them. I have primarily decided to put all my poems on one site, and keep Songs In The Night for hymns and songs by others from this point forward (though there will be some exceptions, such as posting poems by others I have read in church, as I cannot seem to link audio files to pages on Songs In The Night).

ABC’s From My Heart – by Kate Plourde
A Beautiful Symphony – by Jan McIntosh
Abide In Me
A Brand New Start
A Faithful Man
Afraid? Of What? – by E.H. Hamilton
A Friend Loveth At All Times
A Friend When You Need One
A Lasting Impression   NEW (1995)
All My Springs Are In You  – with audio of poem read in church  NEW (2022)
And They Shall Run (Song)
A Reststop Along The Way   NEW (2023)
A Silent Prayer
A Song In The Night (Song)    NEW (2006)*
Autographed By The Author   NEW (1993)
Awestruck and Relief

Because Of Jesus (Song)   sheet music    NEW (2009)*
Behold Your Saviour   NEW (2021)
Be Thou Clean (Song) – with audio of poem read in church
Birthday Poem for a Christian
Blessed Is That Man
Boasting In The Lord   NEW (2011)*
Born To Die (Song)
Break Free   NEW (1993)

Christmas Once Again
Christmas Without Christ
Claiming God’s Promises   NEW (2021)
Chosen In Christ Jesus   NEW (1996)
Compel Them To Come In (Luke 14:16-23)
Confining Christianity?
Contend For The Faith
Count It All Joy

Day by Day
Dream Or Reality?

Esther’s Prayer
Even In This   New (2008)*
Everything’s Changed   NEW (2010)*

Facing Your Goliath   NEW (2023)
Faith As A Grain Of Mustard Seed    NEW (2021)
Faith To Face
First Steps
Footsteps Of Faith
For A Season
For Such A Time As This – by Jerry Bouey and the Trenholms (Song)    NEW (2005)*
Freefall (Song)   NEW (2010)*
Freely Forgiven
Friends Forever
From Genesis To Revelation
Full Assurance

God’s Gift
God Is In Control   NEW (1994)
God’s Precious Promises
God Is – Author Unknown   – with audio of poem read in church  NEW
God Is So Good
God Is So Gracious    NEW (1993)
God’s Love Through The Storm – Author Unknown  – with audio of poem read in church
Going Through The Door

Handle With Prayer
Have Compassion, Making A Difference (Song)
He Gathers His Lilies
He Restoreth My Soul    NEW (2016)*
He’s Still Got The Whole World In His Hands
His Voice Cries Out
How Do I Remain Faithful?
How’s Your View?

I Am Jesus    NEW (2010)*
I Know   NEW (1995)
I Love You, Lord    NEW (1997)
Immanuel – by Charles Spurgeon  – with audio of poem read in church
In His Time (Song)/Day By Day (Hymn)    NEW (2005)*
In Jesus’ Name
In The Presence Of The Lord
In Your Grief
I Shall Come Forth As Gold (Song)
I Sleep, But My Heart Waketh  – with audio of poem read in church  NEW (2022)
Is Love Stranger Than Fiction?
It’s A Sad Thing To Be An Infidel
It’s Jesus   NEW (2003)*
It’s Only After- by Jerry Bouey & Angela Trenholm
I’ve Gone Home (Song)   sheet music

Jacob’s Well (John 4)   NEW (1995)*
Just A Little Sparrow
Just One Look    NEW (2009)*
Just Three Sharp Nails

Lent By The Lord
Life’s Instruction Manual
Listen To My Voice *
Lord    NEW (1992)
Love   NEW (1993)
Love Broke Through (Song)  NEW (2010)*

Martyr’s Song/Victory    NEW (1993/1995)
Mother’s Day In Heaven   – with audio of poem read in church  NEW (2006)*
My Elijah Friends
My Faltering Heart
My Heart’s Desire
My Hiding Place (Song)
My Prayer For His Will – by Angela Trenholm
My Rest – by Angela Trenholm
My Servant, Israel (Isaiah 43)
My Son, Give Me Thine Heart

Near To The Throne Of God *
Northern Lights
Nothing But His Love   NEW (1995)
Not Home Yet – by Jan McIntosh

O Save Us Now   NEW (2003)*
O Taste And See
On My Knees (Song)
One Day Up In Glory   NEW (2021)
One Heartbeat From Heaven
Only God Can
Only God Knows
Only In Jesus   NEW (2023)
Our Little One – by Angela Trenholm

Portraits Of Two Lives
Prayer For Perfect Peace (Song)
Prayer For Faith – A Cancer Victim/Heaven
Prayer For My Friends

Quietness And Confidence – By E.J. Carr   – with audio of poem read in church NEW (2023)

Reach Out For The Saviour (Song)   NEW (2002)*
Rising In The Arms Of Love
Running To Jesus (Mark 10:17-22)

Searching For Truth   NEW (2008)*
Set Me Free (Song)   NEW (1993)*
Show Me Christ
Slow Down, Daddy!
So Amazed
Soaring Aloft On Eagle’s Wings   NEW (2021)
Someday    NEW (1995)
Sometimes   NEW (1993)
Stand Fast
Struggles And Victory  NEW (2021)

Take Another Look At Jesus   NEW (1999)
Take A Second Look At Calvary   – with audio of poem read in church
Take My Life
Tell The World About Jesus
Tender Moments Of The Heart   NEW (1996)
The Alabaster Box (Mark 14:1-9)
The Altar Is Empty (Song)
The Answers Why
The Battle Is The Lord’s   NEW (2003) *
The Dark Tomb    NEW (2010)*
The Darkness Is Passing Away   NEW (2023)
The Day My Saviour Died   – with audio of poem read in church
The Door Of Hope
The End Of The Fight (Song)    NEW (2008)*
The Father’s Heart (Song)
The Father Of The Fatherless  – with audio of poem read in church  NEW (2008)*
The Game Of Life   NEW (1992)
The Good News
The Hope Of Christmas   NEW (2010)*
The Loss Of A Best Friend    NEW (1993)
The Place Where Jesus Lives   NEW (2000) *
The Prodigal Has Come Home
The Prodigal’s Return (Luke 15:11-24; Song)    NEW (2006)*
The Rich Man (Luke 16:19-31)
The Road – A Story In Four Parts    NEW (1995)
The Seasons Of Your Pilgrimage   (Title poem of my second poetry book)
The Shadows Flee Away
The Shepherd Beckons
The Sparrow Has Flown Home
The Tempest of the Lord (Psalm 107:23-32)
The Touch Of The Master’s Hand – by Myra Brooks Welch   – with audio of poem read in church
The Valley Of Faith (Psalm 23)
The Valleys Of Life
There’s A Blessing
There’s A Lion In My Heart   NEW (2022)
Thirsting In This Wilderness   – with audio of poem read in church NEW (2012)*
Thou God Seest Me  – with audio of poem read in church  NEW (2022)
Through Darkened Skies   NEW (2021)
Through This Valley
To Him That Overcometh   NEW (2022)
Torn Between Two Desires   NEW (1995) *
True Christian Friends
True Love
Two Lives United (Song)
Two Roads Or Three?  – with audio of poem read in church  NEW (1998)

Under Construction  – with audio of poem read in church
Undertake For Me    NEW (2021)

Were You An Angel?
What God Hath Promised – by Annie Johnson Flint
What Is Truth?   NEW (1995)
When I’m Lonely
When I Stop Praying
When The Enemy Comes In Like A Flood   NEW (2021)
When This Lion Begins To Roar  – with audio of poem read in church  NEW (1998)
Which Is Better?
Why Trouble The Master? (Song)    Sheet music   NEW (2009)*
Why Wait Until Tomorrow?
Will You?   NEW (1998)
Will You Be A Jonathan?
Wings (Song)
Wrestling Until The Break of Day   – with audio of poem read in church NEW (2022)