Going Through The Door

Going Through The Door

I’m dying now, he thought, there’s no one here to hold my hand –
No one but my Saviour, though I know He understands.
Times have sure been lonely, and my friends have gone away,
I sit here in my easy chair, waiting for the end of day.

My chest is hurting more now and the pain seems awful strong,
But there’s a peace within me and on my lips a whispered song.
I try to reach for the phone now, but it seems too far away.
I want to call out to my wife but all I can do is pray.

There are no words coming forth, but my thoughts are racing fast;
In sweet silent meditation, I look back over my past.
Short of breath, I stop to wonder, “Was my life worth it all?”
Then I think of Jesus, and His loving Gospel call:

How He came to me and saved me, changed my heart from within,
How He purchased my full redemption and took away my sin.
Through many years of service, no, I’ve no regrets,
Because I have a home in Heaven that still awaits me yet.

A sudden sharp pain pricks me, and I slump down to the floor –
Now I can see all my loved ones that I knew had gone on before.
Look there is my beloved daughter, whom the fever took years ago,
And my precious little brother, who had that awful accident in the snow.

Oh, they look so bright and cheerful, how can this vision be true?
Then I remember that Jesus, my Saviour, was their Saviour too.
I reach out for my daughter and she stretches forth her hand,
And says, “Daddy, let’s go see Jesus, and walk through Heaven’s land.”

I look all around me, but this old world seems mighty dim,
And then I see my Jesus, and my soul is awed by Him.
As I stand up to receive Him, into His arms I flee,
And the pain is gone forever, as my strength returns to me.

Dressed in robes of purest white, through pearly gates I walk along
Into the land of forever, with a joyous heart-felt song,
And see multitudes around me, praising and calling out His name,
With love in their hearts flowing, and their souls kindled flames.

I think about my darling wife now, and I know she will be home soon,
When she has finished running her course, for the Lord has prepared her room.
Face to face at last with Jesus, what a beauty our eyes can see,
And I am overwhelmed anew by the love my Saviour has for me.

December 13th, 2002
Jerry Bouey

Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

(This poem is dedicated to my Dad. I miss you and know we will see each other again in glory.)

This is one of the few fictional poems I have written as a believer. Most are written to share Bible promises, to exhort others to trust the Lord in their trials, to express what I am going through, to put in emotional words what I am learning from God’s Word – but this is one of the few that was just written as a “what if?” type of poem, sharing ideas I had read about that some other believers were going through at the end of their lives.

In April 2006, my relatives adapted this poem to be read at my Dad’s memorial. They removed the fictional family references, but basically kept the rest. My Dad got saved about a year or two before he passed away. Part of this poem fits him – he passed away in another room by himself, stopped breathing, one second he was here, the next he was in glory. I am sure Jesus took him through the door to Heaven.

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