Death Meets His Match

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Death Meets His Match

Father Time met pale King Death
Sittin’ by a tomb.
“Hello, old friend, I guess you’re here
To seal somebody’s doom.”

“You might say that,” sly Death replied.
A smile slid up his face.
“Inside reposes that Jesus man
Who said He’d save the race.”

“And you, Time, why you stoppin’ here?
Don’t you have things to do?”
“I come each day to draw the veil
And let the mornin’ through.”

“Say, why you watchin’ jus’ one grave,
With all your vast domain?
Looks like you’d be out ramblin’ round
And smitin’ folks with pain.”

“Well, this one’s somethin’ special.
He challenged me, they say.
Said He’d rest here just three days
Then stir and walk away.”

“Now I’m the conqueror you know,
They don’t talk up to me.
When I steps in to cut ’em down
It’s for eternity.”

“I sure can testify to that,”
Responded Father Time.
“I ain’t seen one shake off the dust
Since you been in your prime.”

“Well, I got other things to do,
I must be on my way.
I’ll see you when I come back by
To make another day.”

So whiskered Time went up the hill
To bid the sun to rise.
He left Death standin’ by the tomb
Lookin’ strong an’ wise.

Next day, Time ambled by again,
“And how are things?” he queried.
“Kinda quiet,” Death replied.
“I’m startin’ to be wearied.”

“I won’t be here when you come by
About this time tomorrow.
I’m anxious to be on my way,
An’ spread some grief and sorrow.”

Now Father Time was quite surprised
When he came back to see
Death a quiverin’ on the ground
In frightful agony!

His eyes were set, his throat was marked,
His clothes in disarray.
It wasn’t difficult to see
That Death had had his day.

“What happened Death?” asked Father Time,
“What makes you look so bad?”
“I’ve never see you shake this way
Or seem so scared and sad.”

Death pulled himself up on a rock
A-lookin’ sick an’ humble.
Hung his head an’ wrung his hands
And Time could hear him mumble.

“Was sittin’ here before the dawn
About to take my stroll,
When all at once this whole wide world
Began to reel and roll.”

“That rollin’ stone jumped off the door
An’ skipped on down the hill.
Then everything grew dark and quiet,
Seemed like the earth stood still.”

“I saw Him standin’ in the door,
He didn’t move or speak,
Just looked at me an’ all at once,
I felt so tired and weak.”

“He came and got a hold on me,
And threw me to the ground,
Put His foot here on my neck
Then took my keys an’ crown.”

“Two angels came to talk with Him,
They glistened like the sun.
He said, ‘The plans all finished now,
Redemption’s work is done’.”

As they passed the garden gate
I heard him say, just then,
“He’s settin’ free my captives
And givin’ gifts to men.”

Time and Death met once again
Off yonder by the gate.
“It’s good to see you,” said Old Time.
“I’ve wondered ’bout your fate.”

“I’m just a lowly servant now,
There’s little time to roam,
I just push open this old gate
And help the saints get home!”

~Elwood McQuaid~

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