“No Accidents”

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One of my best friends is my Pastor’s (Claude Madle’s) brother in law, Bill Smith. Just before Christmas this past year, he and his family (including six children) were travelling in their truck, and hit an icy patch. They went off the road, and Bill’s wife, Reesa, was thrown through the windshield and died. Everything they had with them was destroyed with the truck, though the rest of the family was fine. One of the older girls had injured her ankle, but nothing serious. When they picked up Reesa, they found her Bible – the only remaining object from the truck – underneath her. No doubt it was a legacy to her children, and a reminder that even in the hardest times, the Lord is still in control, and still with them.

This poem was passed on to me tonight by my pastor’s daughter, Reesa’s niece, in the hopes that I would use it and pass it on – perhaps placing it in my next poetry book (Lord willing). It was written by a close friend of Reesa’s and put in the funeral bulletin. This summer, when my pastor’s daughter goes to their yearly Youth Retreat at Oklahoma Bible College (the college my pastor and his wife, as well as Bill and Reesa Smith went to), she will try to personally contact the author for any contact information, which she does not have now.

“No Accidents”

There are no accidents in the life of a Christian:
Our God has an ultimate plan.
Although troubles and trials may come,
He is present even when we don’t understand.

Each new day is a part of His creation,
Perfect and absent of any mistakes;
And when life seems to take a turn for the worse,
We can trust Him for His sufficient grace.

When life’s tragedies seem to close in upon us,
And its pressures are just more than we can bear,
We can remember His comforting promises,
And know for His saints, He is always right there.

God is not the author of confusion;
He is in complete and utter control.
His ways may not always be our ways,
But He gives peace and comfort to our aching soul.

Yes, there are no accidents in the life of a Christian,
And there will be times when we do not understand His plan.
But, yet one thing will remain for certain:
He is holding us in the middle of His Almighty hand.

We can know His will and His way is always best,
Even when His timing and dealings are not our own.
Our God is sovereign and merciful to His children,
And His love to us will always be shown.

We do not need to doubt Him.
We do not have to fear.
He will give grace and comfort,
And He will hear every prayer.

His Word is a source of comfort and strength.
We can stand on His promises within.
His unknowing plan will be accomplished,
As souls turns their hearts from sin.

“Remember, there are no accidents, my child,”
He will whisper softly in our heart’s ear.
“Please continue to fight the good fight of faith and trust me.
For you, I will always be right here.”

So when you feel like you cannot possibly go on,
And the strength you once had is no longer there,
Please remember, there are no accidents in the life of a Christian,
And you are always in His omnipotent care.

~Felicia Doss~
A college friend of Reesa Smith (Nov. 7, 1968-Dec. 20, 2006)
(Used With Permission)

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