My Hiding Place

My Hiding Place

Lord, You are my hiding place
through life’s stormy gale;
You are my fount of grace
when my strength begins to fail.

Lord, You are my hiding place,
Standing strong and sure,
My refuge in the storms of life,
A fortress that will endure.

You are my hiding place
though enemies surround;
You fill my heart with Your peace –
peace that always abounds.

When my sins come back to haunt me
and I need a hiding place,
You shelter me under Your wings,
and remove all of sin’s trace.

Lord, You are my hiding place –
Whom shall I fear?
Why should my soul be cast down
When You are always near?

You are my hiding place –
You took in this lonely waif –
In Jesus, I know I am secure,
I know I’m forever safe.

When the tempests come –
their winds and waves crash over me,
You are my hiding place –
the only place I long to be.

December 25th, 2002
Jerry Bouey

(Dedicated to Ken & Lois Adams)

Thou art my hiding place;
Thou shalt preserve me from trouble;
Thou shalt compass me about
with songs of deliverance. Selah.
Psalm 32:7

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