Rising In The Arms Of Love

This is the poem I wrote early in 2005 to my Mom. This was when I first realized her health had declined so much because of her cancer and the complications arising from that. You can read a little more info on this poem here: Our Mom’s Victory Through Faith. This was the eulogy of sorts I preached/read at my Mom’s memorial to lost relatives (an attempt to reach my family with a clear presentation of the Gospel – I also had an opportunity to share written copies of this at my Dad’s funeral in the spring of 2006) and those who knew her (including the hospital staff that attended to her). Another poem written and read at her memorial was Through This Valley.

“She is sinking very fast,” whispered an attendant in the dying chamber of a godly woman. “No, no,” was the quick response of the departing saint, who had overheard the words; “no; I am not sinking; I am in the arms of my Saviour.”

Taken from Our Daily Homily by F.B. Meyer

Rising In The Arms Of Love

Oh, my friend, she is sinking so very fast!
No, she is only rising in the arms of Love!
But I thought that she would remain at last…
No, she is destined for greater things above!

But why would God completely take away her peace?
No, her Saviour has given her a more lasting kind!
Real joy isn’t when all toil and troubles cease –
For when Jesus draws close, peace fills this heart of mine!

The fear, the unknown, it must be dreadful…
No, His blessed presence is so very near!
But, why did this tragedy have to happen at all?
Because He knew what I needed, and He is always here!

Why would He cause this affliction, why this trial?
He has a purpose, His ways are so much greater than mine!
I know these troubles are only for a little while,
And then I will dwell forever with Him in mansions sublime!

No, I am not sinking – I am rising –
Held gently by His arms of Love,
Sheltered safely under His wings,
Till I reach my Heavenly home above!

Rising, rising, in those arms of Love!

February 26th, 2005
Jerry Bouey

(Dedicated to my Mom – I love you, Mom!)

The eternal God is thy refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms.
Deuteronomy 33:27

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