Audio Of Poems And Serrmons Presented In Church

Poems Presented In Church

In 2021 to 2022, for about 10 months in the two main Sunday services, I presented poems in church as a ministry. Usually I shared an introduction to the poem (perhaps the story behind it if it was one of mine or if I knew of the events surrounding it), then I presented the verses behind it and a Biblical exhortation to draw closer to the Lord.

While we were recording the sermons preached each service, we did not think to actually record the poem presentations until about the last four months. The poems were a blessing to share and God’s hand was definitely upon that ministry, as the poems and challenges I read often went with the theme of the sermons preached, the songs chosen, and many times both – yet the hymns chosen each day and the Pastor’s themes or passages were not announced to me in advance. It was a ministry wholly dependent upon the Lord’s guiding, and His hand was very evident for all those months.

For various reasons, the Lord guided me to stop this particular ministry the end of last Spring. In several of the poem presentations you can actually sense that there was spiritual warfare going on, and the introductions did not come across as smoothly or as coherently as other poems I had recorded. I have still decided to post the audio of those couple of poems too – as the stories are still a blessing to hear and the poems themselves came across clearly, even if the introduction seems rough. If you choose to listen to them, please do not judge the whole ministry in light of the few that did not go as well as the others.

The poems that were actually recorded are listed below in the order they were presented. Feel free to leave comments here or on their individual pages if there were any that really touched your heart, strengthened you spiritually or simply blessed you in some way.


Poems Presented in March 2022:

Two Roads Or Three? – Morning of March 6

In The Presence Of The Lord – Evening of March 6


Poems Presented in April 2022:

The Touch Of The Master’s Hand – by Myra Brooks Welch – Morning of April 3

All My Springs Are In You – Morning of April 10

Immanuel – by Charles Spurgeon – Evening of April 10

The Day My Saviour Died – Morning of April 17

Take A Second Look At Calvary – Evening of April 17

Thou God Seest Me – Morning of April 24

“God Meant It Unto Good” – by Freda Hanbury Allen – Evening of April 24
(Rough presentation, but good story and poem read clearly)


Poems Presented in May 2022:

Thirsting In This Wilderness – Morning of May 1

Under Construction – Evening of May 1

Mother’s Day In Heaven – Morning of May 8

God’s Love Through The Storm – Author Unknown – Evening of May 8

Quietness And Confidence – by E.J. Carr – Morning of May 15

I Sleep, But My Heart Waketh – Evening of May 15

Waiting For A Change – Author Unknown – Morning of May 22

“No Accidents” – by Felicia Doss – Morning of May 22
(Bit of technical difficulties accessing book on my ipad – though story and poem presentation are very good)

When This Lion Begins To Roar – Morning of May 29

God Is – Author Unknown – Evening of May 29


Poems Presented in June 2022:

Wrestling Until The Break of Day – Morning of June 5

Be Thou Clean – Evening of June 5

Death Meets His Match – by Elwood McQuaid – Evening of June 12
(Good presentation of poem, but no introduction)

The Father Of The Fatherless – Morning of June 19

Slow Down, Daddy! – Evening of June 19
(no introduction, but good poem presentation)



Poem presented March 31st – Death Meets His Match – by Elwood McQuaid (Newer presentation with introduction)


The God Of Second Chances – April 10th, 2024

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